About me…

To make, create and share…

I am a visual artists who really values creativity and needs to practice regularly to keep happy. I like to share what I make and encourage others to have a go as the benefits far outweigh the messiness it can cause.      

I love colour and having spent many years making with clay, which is a slow process to sample colours,  I really value the immediacy paint has to offer. Being experimental with slight colour changes , trying different  combinations  as well as playing with textures and exploring marks to convey my ideas is important to me.  Watercolour is my go to medium but I will never shy away from trying others. 

 Subject matters are the everyday, anything and everything that catches my attention. Occasionally my imagination may get carried away and I create the absurd, mixing subjects that are unlikely combinations.  I like to be outdoors when not creating that means nature makes a regular appearance too.  I also enjoy photography and more recently videography but there is a limit to how much I can do in a day….  

If you would like to keep up to date with my current interests and practice please see my instagram account for images of my recent work https://www.instagram.com/inkclay/



Self Portrait

I am keen to find out more about you, if you have any questions about art in general , my work, your work please do get in touch.