About me…

To make, create and share……

A visual artists who is passionate about creativity and the positive health benefits practicing offers. I create to make sense of the world, to understand and process my experience of it.    

The ceramic pieces are created in my home garden studio, and fired in an electric kiln. It can be quite cold in the studio during the winter months when I tend to retreat to the warmth of the house and paint and draw. I love colour and experimenting with different combinations alongside textures and composition. 

The ceramic house series were created from a fascination of old buildings, particularly weather worn, aged, about to fall down buildings, with lots patina and layers of colour exposed.

Current focus is on developing watercolour illustrations and to offer these digitally. Subject matters vary but the interest in houses tends to show up in the paintings. Environmentalism is leading my practice into more ecologically friendly art work.

If you would like to keep up to date with my current interests and practice please see my instagram account for images of my recent work https://www.instagram.com/inkclay/