About me…

To make, create and share…

I am a visual artists who predominantly works in ceramics – aka Ceramic Artist, Potter, Ceramicist… Being creative and practicing regularly keeps me happy; I get withdrawals when not making after a few days have lapsed. I enjoy photographing and sharing what I make and encourage others to have a go.      

Designing and making has always been a fundamental part of my life. The women in my family were bakers, sewers, knitters and gardeners, and generously shared their skills. They were always careful with what they spent their money on, making what they could instead of buying, they had an awareness of the impact of waste on the environment, even 50 years ago, and what they made not only looked beautiful, but was also unique and lasted. 

 The health benefits of spending time being creative, along with the environmental benefits of avoiding mass produced products, that are not brought locally, inspire me to make ceramics. I have regular sales of my work through fairs, galleries and my own website. 

If you would like to keep up to date with my current interests and practice please see my instagram account for images of my recent work https://www.instagram.com/helen_button_art/



Self Portrait