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Mindset for Making

Today I would like to share some helpful tips that I use to help me get in the right mindset for making art when I am not feeling motivated:

  • Have a dedicated space, with your tools readily available, that you can personalise and work un-interrupted to get into the creative state of flow.
  • Tell others you are going to work and not to disturb you, switch your phone to DND
  • Have a daily time to create, it will turn into a habit.
  • Set up little rituals such as lighting a candle, scented oils and playing music. This will trick your brain into the create mode after repeating the same rituals each time. You will quickly forget your reservations and get into the swing of making.
  • When you are absorbed in making don’t stay in one position making for too long, have regular breaks, this will also aid concentration and make it a much better experience.
  • Research other artists practices, their studio’s etc, but be mindful not to use this to compare against yourself. We’ll all have our own unique ways of working.
  • Always acknowledge your achievements, however small, after a making session. Even celebrate the small gains – the fact that you showed up is huge.
  • If you are unable to make don’t be hard on yourself. A break can also be good to reset and start new projects.