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The Autumn Artist

The autumn artist has a selection of fingerless gloves, a warm raincoat, comfy wellies and an essential umbrella as well as their art supplies in a waterproof rucksack.

If watercolour is the preferred medium it can be a challenge as a drop of rain can turn the painting into a Jackson Pollock art piece. A well laid out plan may have to change to accommodate the effects of the rain. An umbrella carefully balanced may help.

Cafe’s are the autumn artists best friend. Somewhere to retreat when the wind and cold turns their hands numb, a mug of hot chocolate will help warm hands up.

The autumn artist wouldn’t miss the chance to paint the stunning shades of gold, amber and bronze, and not brave the elements to create their art.

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Drawing & Painting

I have been doing lots of drawing and painting this year. Subjects have varied as the years progressed. It started with a fascination for portraits which I captured in clay and paint. This then progressed to the natural world, which I was probably craving more of due to lockdown and realised when I had a two week holiday in Cornwall and created some landscape paintings. Finally to animals due to hatching some chicks.

This is a sketch of Uno, a silkie bantam chick, from our most un-succesful hatching. We had six eggs in the incubator but only Uno hatched. A quick trip to the wildfowl trust to purchase 2 more silkies meant Uno was not alone for long. We still do not know if Uno is male or female. His/her 2 friends are white silkie’s called Ice and Ivory. I try to name the chicks colour names, but am running out of colours.